Shipping Services.

Freight Forwarding: Facilitating the transportation of goods through coordination, documentation, and logistics management.

Ship Chartering: Arranging the hiring or leasing of ships for specific cargo transportation needs.

Offshore Services.

Offshore Support Vessels: Providing vessels and services for offshore activities such as oil and gas exploration, construction, maintenance, and supply operations.

Offshore Installation and Maintenance: Supporting the installation, inspection, repair, and maintenance of offshore structures, platforms, and equipment.

Engineering and Construction

Shipbuilding and Repair: Designing, constructing, and repairing ships, including new builds, conversions, and refurbishments.

Marine Equipment Manufacturing:Manufacturing and supplying marine equipment, such as engines, propulsion systems, navigation systems, and safety equipment.

Survey and Inspection:

Marine Surveys: Conducting inspections, assessments, and surveys of ships, marine structures, and cargo to ensure compliance with regulations and safety standards.

Cargo Inspection: Verifying the condition, quantity, and quality of cargo during loading, unloading, and transportation.

Environmental Services

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Assessing the potential environmental impacts of marine activities and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Oil Spill Response and Cleanup: Providing emergency response services and equipment to contain and clean up oil spills in marine environments.

Maritime Security

Vessel Security: Providing security services and solutions to protect vessels from piracy, theft, and unauthorized access.

Port Security: Implementing security measures to safeguard ports, terminals, and critical infrastructure from security threats.

Equipment Manufacturing

Propulsion Systems: Designing and manufacturing marine engines, propulsion systems, and related components for ships and offshore structures.

Navigation and Communication Systems: Developing and supplying advanced navigation equipment, radar systems, communication systems and electronic charting systems.

pipeline Maintenance

Installation and maintenance services: Niports oil and gas services manages the construction, maintenance and operation of pipelines for the transportation of oil and gas. We provide pipeline installation , pipeline inspection, integrity management, pigging(a process of cleaning and inspecting pipeline) and leak detection services using ultra mordern technology.